RF Therapy

Radio Frequency Waves

One of the basic technologies utilized by our Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation Home Device are radio frequency waves (RF) that appear when alternating current flows through a conductive material (for example, the human body is a good conductor). In essence, they are electromagnetic waves (all magnetic waves have a frequency and wavelength). The frequency is measured in Hertz (or cycles per second), and wavelength is measured in meters (or centimeters).

Another important feature of these waves is that they can move freely through space or vacuum, where they can reach the speed of light. Electromagnetic radiation consists of an electric and magnetic field moving in tandem. When their curves are displayed on a diagram, they resemble waves, and that’s where the well-known term “electromagnetic waves” comes from.

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It’s important to note that electromagnetic radiation is all around us, and it manifests through different wavelengths. The complete range of wavelengths is called the electromagnetic spectrum, and it’s usually organised in seven distinct groups. Here they are, arranged by wavelength:

1. Radio waves – ranging from as little as 30cm to several kilometers

2. Microwaves – ranging from 30cm to 10-3cm (0,3cm)

3. Infrared waves – ranging between 10 -3m (0,3cm) do 7,6 × 10 -7m (0,000076 cm)

4. Visible light – ranging from red (760nm or 0,000076cm) to violet (380nm or 0,000038cm)

5. Ultraviolet rays – about 3,8 × 10 -7m do 10 -8m

6. X-rays – from about 10 -8m do 5 × 10 -12m

7. Gamma rays – 5 × 10 -12m do 10 -13m

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The Earth’s atmosphere almost completely absorbs gamma, X, UV and partially even infrared and microwave radiation that comes from outer space. This protects us, as large doses of such radiation are very harmful to human health. However, modern life would be almost unimaginable without these waves, as today’s wireless technology (radio, TV, mobile phones), as well as medical equipment (X-ray machines, modern MRI’s) all rely on them, and they are also applied in many other devices we use every day.

Medicine is one field in which our better understanding of electromagnetic waves makes for huge advances. We’ll focus on the use of radio frequencies (RF) in treating various ailments of the human skin.

Devices intended for such purposes use the fact that different layers of human skin have different conductivity (they have different levels of resistance for the passage of EM waves). That resistance transforms radio frequency energy into heat – the driving force of the processes we want to initiate.

In the case of the Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation Home Device, the four electrodes send pulses of alternating current (between 0.3MHz and 10MHz) into the deeper layers of the skin that heat up to 42 degrees Celsius (F) and initiate a series of skin cell processes. This deep heating improves circulation in adjacent blood vessels and also lymph drainage of the tissue that’s being treated. The treatment also induces a process called fibroplasia, where fibroblast cells are stimulated to produce collagen and new fibrous tissue. The newly created collagen fibers are shorter and firmer, making the skin tighter and more elastic, which in turn leads to less wrinkling and dissipation of facial lines. Because the energy is transferred to the dermis (a deeper layer of the skin), the process is suitable for all skin types as the surface skin layer (the epidermis) is not affected.

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RF therapy has proven benefits and is one of the chief non-invasive techniques used by plastic surgeons and cosmeticians across the globe. With Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation Home Device, now you too have the opportunity to reap these benefits from the comfort your own home, and at a price that’s substantially lower than just one treatment at a beauty salon or clinic.