About Us

Hello and welcome to Beauty Draft!

Encouraged by the success wee achieved with our first e-store, Band and Bracelets, we decided to expand and venture into the health and beauty industry. We believe it to be the logical move since both fashion and fashion accessories are ultimately about beauty. To that end, we started a new division of our company, the very website you’re on right now.

The basic concept was to use our know-how and experience to create a place where our customers could find useful and effective health and beauty products. For us, that means anything that can help us solve an issue or improve our health. With dedication and conviction, and bolstered by our previous experience, we had a solid basis to create something we can truly be proud of: our new e-store, Beauty Draft.

We started this store on the same principles we established at the beginning of our work in e-commerce:

The customer comes first.

You are the greatest advantage of this company and without you, none of this would be possible.


Good quality at affordable prices.

This is the motto with which we start our every working day.

Honoring these principles, with devotion and hard work embodied by our small, but expert and highly capable team, we managed to fight for our place in the competitive e-commerce arena. We aim to continue our progress and expand our business even further. For that, we thank all our customers for the support they’ve given us and continue to give us to this day.

Customer feedback is very important to us, so if you have any suggestions or impressions you’d like to share, feel free to contact us.

Beauty Draft.